Asraa Shisha Lounge Canterbury


Asraa Lounge registered address 74A Wincheap, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 3RS. References to “we” shall mean Asraa Lounge, and references to “you” shall mean you the authorised holder of the Asraa Lounge Loyalty Card.


Thank you for becoming a valued customer of Asraa Lounge, we have decided to reward our loyal customers with a scheme that enables you to enjoy a Shisha free of charge, at the above location only.

  1. Loyalty card members must present their loyalty card at the time of commencement of every sale where a Shisha is purchased. Management or staff members will not be able to search for your details and stamps cannot be awarded after the sale has been complete.
  1. Upon each purchase of a Shisha, ONE stamp will be awarded to your Loyalty Card in one of the five spaces available, once all five spaces are filled, you become eligible for a FREE Shisha NB: this will be a Shisha from the single Al Fakher range only. Maximum ONE stamp per day, per Loyalty Card.
  1. Once your free shisha is claimed, your loyalty card will be taken from you and marked as unusable, please ask a member of staff for another card and carry on collecting.
  1. By accepting and using the Loyalty Card at Asraa Lounge you agree to be bound by, and comply with these Terms and Conditions.
  1. To be issued with a Loyalty Card you must be over the age of 18, Management and staff members reserve the right to ask for proof of Identity.
  1. We reserve the right to refuse anybody a Loyalty Card and we are under no obligation to state the reasons for why.
  1. If, for any reason the purchase of your Shisha is refunded the stamp will become null and void, and will be marked appropriately.
  1. We will treat all personal information as strictly confidential, and NO details will be released to a third party, unless of course we are approached by the police or any other regulatory or governmental authority.
  1. Asraa Lounge promotes responsible use of Shisha and encourages all its customers to smoke in moderation.


Bottles of wine are charged per 70CL bottle and per 330ML bottle of wine or beer. Larger bottles of wine, beer or spirits are charged depending on size. The corkage policy does not extend to non-alcoholic beverages e.g. soft drinks, juices or any other unless approved, which will be charged accordingly.

Parties of 6+ BYOB will be charged per head.